Phone Station Inc. How Tos:

To change system date and time on your Samsung iDCS digital telephone system or from any system digital telephone:

  1. While on hook, press TRSF key and then dial 200
  2. Your display shows (Enable Cus. Prog. Passcode)
  3. Dial the 4 digit passcode (1234)
  4. The display shows (Enable Cus. Prog-Disable)
  5. Dial 1 to enable. The display shows (Enable Cus. Prog-Enable)
  6. Press TRSF
  7. Press TRSF again and dial 505.
  8. Display shows (OLD 4101906:0600)
  9. (wmmddyy:hhmm)
  10. Enter the new information with the dial pad in the above format
  11. W= day of week (0 is Sunday, 1 is Monday and so on )
  12. MM=Month, DD=Day of month, Y
  13. Y=Year, HH=Hour in 24 hr format, MM= minutes
  14. Reenter if needed. When correct press TRSF.
  15. Press TRSF again, dial 200, dial 1
  16. 234, dial 0 press TRSF

The display will update to the new settings.